Submitting a request for information

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 Submitting a request for information


Request Types

According to the Freedom of Information Law 5758-1998, each citizen or resident of Israel is entitled to receive information from public authorities.

Requests for information held by the Ministry of Economy shall be submitted to the supervisor responsible for implementing the Freedom of Information Law in the ministry. Requests shall be submitted using the request form, which can be downloaded from the Freedom of Information government website as well.

Please describe the information that you request in detail so that the information can be located and the request can be processed.

According to the Freedom of Information Amendments (Fees), 5768-2007 and the Account General Ordinance (Regulations, Finances and Economy), the request fee for receiving information shall be 20 NIS (information that a person requests about himself and individual rights is exempt from request fees and the first four hours of work to fill the request is exempt from handling fees).

Please sign the statement in which you consent to paying the fees for locating the information requested and handling the request, as well as the information generation fee of up to a total of 150 NIS.

If the handling fees are higher, separate consent shall be required to continue processing the request.

Handling fees for each hour of work shall be 30 NIS, while the first four hours of work are exempt from payment.

Information that is photographed, printed or any computer output - 0.20 NIS per page.

A CD containing the files – 2.5 NIS


Paying Request Fees

The following payment methods are available:

  • At The Postal Bank or from any other bank to The Postal Bank 09, Main branch 001, account number 25733, payable to the Ministry of Economy – Freedom of Information Law
    Designated payment slips are not required to submit payment to the ministry. The payment slip will be prepared and provided by the postal bank teller.

Submitting Requests

Send the request form with a copy of the paid fee slip by mail
To the supervisor appointed to implement the Freedom of Information Law at the Ministry of Economy.
 5 Bank of Israel St., Kiryat Ben-Gurion, POB 3166, Jerusalem 91036.

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