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 Message from the Director General


The Amit Lang - Director GeneralMinistry of Economy is a one the operational government ministries responsible for providing tools and support mechanisms designed to advance the Israeli economy and encourage financial growth. All of the units and divisions in the ministry influence daily aspects of many key financial activities in Israel.

Industry and trade – The ministry works to increase investments in industry and trade, contributes to investment funding, assists small and mid-sized companies, and more.

Employment – The Ministry of Economy invests significant resources in creating job opportunities, primarily in areas given national priority and for special populations. The ministry promotes vocational training programs; provides licensing and registration services for professionals in a wide range of fields; takes responsibility for safety at the workplace and maintaining employees' health; and promotes and encourages participation of women and mothers in the workforce.

International economic activity – The Ministry of Economy strives to increase interest in Israel and to enhance the attractiveness of its economy, while expanding economic collaboration and trade with countries around the world.

Research and development – R&D and technological innovation are promoted and encouraged by the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy by implementing government policies for supporting industrial R&D, encouraging R&D with significant added value, and developing research and development collaborations between organizations.

The Ministry of Economy also places a strong emphasis on increasing consumer awareness, enforcing rules of fair trade, and encouraging consumer awareness among the general public in order to guarantee the wellbeing of the individual and to encourage competition in the economy.

The Ministry of Economy website maps and describes all of the important information and services offered by the ministry. It was designed to make the information and services more accessible to the citizens of Israel. I believe in the upmost importance of making government information accessible to the public in order to shorten processes and guarantee transparency.



Director General, Ministry of Economy

Mr. Amit Lang

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