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 Ministry of Economy Organizational Structure


The Ministry of Economy includes affiliated and internal-ministerial units that are responsible for a wide range of activities related to various key economic and social aspects of the State of Israel.

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The staff units include the Minister and Director General's offices; the deputy director general's office; director of employment; ministry accounting division; internal auditing; spokesmanship, publications and public requests; legal department; planning, research and financial administration; information and computerized systems; and price monitoring. The four ministry districts are Beersheba and southern Israel, Haifa and northern Israel, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv and Central Israel.


In addition to the staff units and four districts, the ministry includes ministerial and affiliated units as well. These units are responsible for various aspects of industry, trade and employment in Israel. The ministerial and affiliated units include the Investments Center, Small and Medium Enterprises Agency, Responsible Standardization Unit, Environment and Sustainable Development Administration, Cooperative Society Unit, Supervisor of Weights, Measurements and Standards, the National Physics Laboratory, the National Laboratory Accreditation Authority, and other units responsible for employment-related activities including: the Employment Relations Unit, Regulations and Labor Law Enforcement Administration, Commission for Equal Opportunities at the Workplace, and the Public and Private Daycare Division.


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