Assistance for immigrants - removing blocks

 Assistance for immigrants - removing blocks


The Occupations Registration and Licensing Division provides for the convenience of the immigrant/returning resident assistance in the process of obtaining a license to engage in the performance of electricity works.

The following is a specification of the concessions:


  • Accompaniment by the professional unit in the licensing process.



  • An application to obtain an electricity license may be submitted while still in the country of origin. 
    You should attach to the application documents attesting to education in electricity – certificates/diplomas and the electricity grades/subjects sheet. Likewise, the documents relevant to the field of experience and employment in electricity such as: work log (mainly for immigrants from the Soviet Union, but also from Western European countries), relevant projects in electricity, etc. The documents proving seniority should be signed by a competent party abroad.
    At the end of the process, you will be required to submit original documents.
    For submitting an application to obtain a license



  • The application to obtain an electricity license is sent for decision to the Director Responsible for Granting Licenses for Electricity Works, who examines whether the level of education and experience in electricity abroad conforms to those required in Israel, without the necessity of summoning the applicant.


  • Emphasis is placed upon the list of subjects in electricity that have been studied, and also on the practical tasks that the applicant has performed, mainly in the field of industry, but also in the fields of: maintenance, the services, residential apartments, public structures and more.


  • If necessary and according to the data submitted, it is possible that the Director may summon the applicant to a professional talk connected to the field of the tasks performed abroad. During the talk, the license applicant's training and experience shall be examined.


  • Translation of documents – documents written in a foreign language should be accompanied by an original translation into Hebrew/English signed by a notary. It is also possible to submit an application in foreign languages but the handling of an application that necessitates translation will take longer since the application must be sent for external translation. Therefore, it is recommended to shorten proceedings and submit the application and/or the documents in the Hebrew or English language.


  • Recognition of previous experience – after submitting the application, obtaining the license, payment of the fee, and the start of the performance of electricity works in Israel – a new application to obtain a license at a higher level (upgrade) may be submitted, on the basis of proof of seniority in the performance of electricity works:
    2/3 of the seniority period required in the electricity Regulations, as accumulated abroad
    1/3 of the seniority period required in the electricity Regulations, as accumulated in Israel or successful attendance at a technological updating course on behalf of the Professional Training Division at the Ministry of Economy and Industry.
    For details, you may apply to the Manpower Training Bureau in the district where the technological updating is held: Jerusalem and Environs District by telephone: 02-6667915, Tel Aviv and Central District by telephone: 03-7347133, Haifa and Northern District by telephone: 04-8613753, Beersheba and Southern District by telephone: 08-6264728.
    An application to upgrade the license on the basis of seniority accumulated abroad may be submitted only once!

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