Renewal of electricity license

 Renewal of electricity license


​The renewal of an electricity license is for 3 years from the date of its expiry.

The license renewal shall be sent to your home automatically according to your address as updated at the Ministry of the Interior.
If you have not received the license renewal, you must contact us for the purpose of receiving it.

You must pay the license fee until the date stated therein.  Non-payment on the due date will lead to a fine.
For your attention! Non-payment of the license fee for two years or more from the date it expires leads to the license being automatically revoked, and you must file a new online application to receive it.

For payment of the license fee
The fee sums according to the type of license


At the instruction of the State Revenue Division at the Ministry of Finance – due to the drop in the Index there is no change in the electricity license fees tariff for 2015.








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