About the engineers and architects registration unit


​The Engineers and Architects Registration Department belongs to the Occupations Registration and Licensing Department, the Unit is the administrative body, via which and with the aid of which the Registrar of Engineers and Architects and the Engineering and Architecture Council operate under the Engineers and Architects Law, 5718 – 1958.


​The Department is responsible for the administrative and organizational handling of all the powers of the Minister for Industry Trade and Employment, the Engineers and Architects, that are entrenched in the aforesaid Law and its Regulations, the main points of which are:

  • Registration of engineers and architects in the Register of Engineers and Architects – handling applications for registration by institutions in Israel and abroad, accepting or rejecting them by the Registrar.
  • Licensing (the advance and senior authorization stage) of registered engineers and architects after the period required by law and handling applications for licensing, accepting or rejecting them by the Registrar.
  • Issuing registration/licensing certificates and renewing them.
  • Receiving the public and providing written and verbal information about the registration procedures.
  • Opening sections and branches in the Register of Engineers and Architects, making any change in them and publishing them, and criteria for the classification of those registered in the various sections and branches according to their studies.
  • Administrative and organizational assistance to the Engineering and Architecture Council and its various committees.
  • Administrative handling in the field of the Registrar's powers for recognizing engineering tracks from colleges in Israel and institutions of higher education in Israel and abroad.
  • Coordinating joint activity interfaces with the Higher Education, academic institutions, Government and engineers and architects organizations.
  • Providing an administrative and logistic infrastructure for the Ethics Committee for Engineers and Architects operated according to the above-mentioned.
  • Activity for implementing the "Legacy for Permit" Law, the Accessibility Law and implementation of the State Safety of Buildings and Places used by the Public and Investigative Committee report (the Zeiler Report) and also permitting accessibility legacies.


Among its other functions, the department works to implement departmental policy, including:

  • Conducting engineers and architects registration examinations and licensing examinations.
  • Inspecting plans for professional training, and coordinating them with the Council for Higher Education.
  • Convening expanded committees for writing criteria, writing examinations, inspecting candidates and examining appeals.


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