Assistance for immigrants - removing blocks

 Assistance for immigrants - removing blocks


The Occupations Registration and Licensing Division provides for the convenience of the immigrant/returning resident assistance in the registration and licensing process in the professions of engineering, architecture and electricity.

The following is a specification of the concessions:


  • Accompaniment by the professional unit in the registration/licensing process.




  • The applications for registration in the Register of Engineers and Architects shall be sent to the Registrar's Advisory Committee for its reaction. Certificates and institutions that have been recognized by the Registrar in the past shall be examined by the Committee without the necessity of summoning the applicant.


  • An application for registration or licensing from an institution and study track that are not recognized by the Registrar shall be sent to the Registrar's Advisory Committee for its reaction and if necessary the applicant shall be summoned to appear before the Investigative Committee; the applicant must appear before the Committee together with a final project and other projects that have been performed during the course of his years of study.


  • Investigative Committee – if the immigrant is not in possession of a final project, he may attach projects that have been performed within the framework of his employment. If there are no projects at all, during the course of the Committee's interview the immigrant shall be required to answer planning questions in engineering or architecture by means of making mock-ups on site.


  • Translation of documents – documents written in a foreign language should be accompanied by an original translation into Hebrew/English signed by a notary. An application may be submitted in foreign languages but the handling of the application in a foreign language will take longer than an ordinary application since the application will be sent for translation; therefore, it is recommended to shorten proceedings and submit an application in Hebrew or English.


  • Recognition of previous experience – two years' experience (in the fields of engineering/architecture) that have been accumulated abroad may be recognized with proof of the experience backed up by references, provided that one year of internship is served in Israel, in the fields of civil engineering – structures and architecture; the internship shall be served under a licensed engineer or licensed architect as the case may be, who complies with the training requirements even if he has not submitted an application to join the list of trainers (on the Unit's website there is a list of potential trainers where the internship may be served under any one them). The immigrant may serve his internship in any field he chooses but he shall be required to successfully pass the licensing examination.


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