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 Tzahar Industrial Park

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Tzahar Industrial Park

The Tzahar Industrial Park is situated east of Rosh Pina, in the Galilee area.
Three local authorities joined together to establish the park: Safed, Hatzor HaGlilit and Rosh Pina (the name of the park is the acronym of the three cities).
The Tzahar Industrial Park is located adjacent to Highway 90 (Rosh-Pina Junction) and near the main road from the north of the country to its center, at a two-minute drive distance from the local airport.
The Tzahar management has finished a large-budget planning for the park's expansion to additional territories which will combine tourism, trade, industry, services and more. There is an advantage in terms of accessibility to the park due to its location near Highway 90 and right next to the airport. The park lies in National Priority Area A and serves as a strategic location for the natural passage of more than 3 million visitors a year, and creates a business opportunity for entrepreneurs on large scale.

Details about the industrial area

The information is transferred to The Administration of Industrial Areas by the various administrations and therefore there may be differences between the data appearing here and the actual data.
The area of the industrial zone includes roads, public areas etc. in addition to the vacant area and the area in use.
District Nameמטהindustrial area (dunam)מטהVacant area (dunam)מטהArea in use (dunam)מטהExisting number of employeesמטהFuture number of employeesמטה
Northern District   512254901858433
The area of the industrial zone includes areas of industry and commerce, workshops and public areas.
The chart above displays only areas of industry and workshops.



Photos of the industrial area

borderline of Tzahar

Photo of Tzahar


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