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 Segev Shalom Industrial Park

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Segev Shalom Industrial Park

The Segev Shalom Industrial Park was established at the north of the settlement which is a regional council in the Negev area, close to Be'er Sheva.
The name of the settlement, "Segev Shalom", refers both to its proximity to the Sagiv stream and to the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt that was confirmed in 1979, the year in which the settlement was established.

Details about the industrial area

The information is transferred to The Administration of Industrial Areas by the various administrations and therefore there may be differences between the data appearing here and the actual data.
The area of the industrial zone includes roads, public areas etc. in addition to the vacant area and the area in use.
District Nameמטהindustrial area (dunam)מטהVacant area (dunam)מטהArea in use (dunam)מטהExisting number of employeesמטהFuture number of employeesמטה
Southern District   19724172410117
The area of the industrial zone includes areas of industry and commerce, workshops and public areas.
The chart above displays only areas of industry and workshops.
  •  The numbers of employees have been taken from the data of entrepreneurs' requests for land allocation.

Photos of the industrial area

borderline of Segev Shalom

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