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 Teradion Industrial Park

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Teradion Industrial Park

The Misgav-Teradion Industrial Park lies in the Lower Galilee and is inhabited by about 110 companies and businesses including advanced classical industries, medical and biotechnological industries, software houses, chip processing companies and others.

The park has plots for construction and areas for rent.

The park is very well kept and within it are lying statues of local artists - artworks that led to the winning of five beauty stars from the Council for a Beautiful Israel.

The park is situated in national priority area A and therefore the factories are entitled to benefits for entrepreneurs according to the Encouragement of Capital Investments Law.

The park is located on Route 805, at a distance of only 12 kilometers from the central junction Yavor/Ahihud, in which is being planned an interchange on Highway 6 as well as a train station and a central bus station in the nearby city Karmiel.


Details about the industrial area

The information is transferred to The Administration of Industrial Areas by the various administrations and therefore there may be differences between the data appearing here and the actual data.
The area of the industrial zone includes roads, public areas etc. in addition to the vacant area and the area in use.
District Nameמטהindustrial area (dunam)מטהVacant area (dunam)מטהArea in use (dunam)מטהExisting number of employeesמטהFuture number of employeesמטה
Northern District   387131321528421
The area of the industrial zone includes areas of industry and commerce, workshops and public areas.
The chart above displays only areas of industry and workshops.

Photos of the industrial area

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