Focused enforcement - Playground equipment

 Focused enforcement in a particular area: Playground equipment, inflatables, amusement park equipment and water slides


​As part of the authority of the Commissioner of Standardization, extensive enforcement is conducted with regard to child safety in the public sphere. This enforcement, performed by inspectors of the Standardization Administration, focuses on four Mandatory Standards:

  1. Inflatable play equipment – to which Official Israel Standard SI 5378 applies.
  2. Water slides in swimming pools and in water parks – to which Official Israel Standard SI 1605 part 1 applies.
  3. Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures (amusement park equipment) – to which Official Israel Standard SI 1604 part 1 applies.
  4. Playground equipment in public parks and multiple-space equipment in closed areas – to which Official Israel Standard SI 1498 and all its sections apply.


Mandatory standards provisions

​According to the provisions of these mandatory standards, it is prohibited to operate the equipment without complying with all the conditions for their safe operation according to the mandatory standard requirements. Sections 9(a) and 9(a1) of the Standards Law state that no individual shall manufacture, import, export or use the commodity in connection with any work that does not comply with the provisions of the mandatory standard, and also shall maintain, install or operate a commodity only in accordance with the provisions set, if set, in the mandatory standard.

Requirements of Standardization Administration inspectors

​As part of the enforcement process, Standardization Administration inspectors ask mayors, heads of local councils and of regional councils to use the authority granted them by law to demand that before a business license is granted or renewed for equipment that requires licensing, the authorized authority will make sure to stipulate that granting or renewal of a business license is conditional on, among other things, presenting relevant test certificates proving that they are in compliance with the maintenance and/or installation provisions of the play equipment, in order to ensure the safety of those using it.

Focused enforcement activity

​In addition, Standardization Administration inspectors conduct focused enforcement activities in which they inspect various facilities and equipment throughout the country to verify their conformity to mandatory standards requirements. As part of the enforcement process, the equipment as well as the relevant test certificates are inspected. If it is found that the equipment or the site is not functioning properly, the Commissioner of Standardization shall use all his/her authority: to close the facility or use of the equipment, fine the operator, take action against the operator with administrative orders and/or publish warnings to the public.


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