Adoption Committee, its roles and members

 Adoption Committee, its roles and members

​The Adoption Committee was established pursuant to Section 8.(b) of the Standards Law. Its role is to examine changes in international standards that have been adopted as mandatory standards in Israel. The Committee conducts its examination according to the request of the Minister or the Standards Institution of Israel (SII), and submits to them its recommendations and its reasoning.

Composition of the committee

​The Adoption Committee will be comprised of three members and two observers:

  • Commissioner of Standardization
  • Representative of the SII, chosen from among the SII employees, based on the recommendation of the CEO
  • Representative of the public, who represents consumer organizations, based on the recommendation of the Commissioner of Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority
  • Representative of the industrialists as an observer
  • Representative of the importers as an observer


Committee decisions and recommendations

​To read the decisions and recommendations of the Committee – go to the Hebrew website
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