International activity regarding standardization

 International activity regarding standardization


On the international front, standardization enables Israel to expand its international trade and the ability of Israeli industry to penetrate world markets. The main goal is for Israel to comply with its international obligations. Some of the main modern trends in the standardization world are:

  • Transition from harmonization in standards to harmonization in technical regulation, from coordination between those who formulate standards to coordination between regulators
  • Promotion of mutual recognition agreements with blocs and countries with respect to conformity assessment of products to standards
  • Regarding enforcement in the markets, an attempt was made to reduce the number of dangerous products in the markets by including China, the largest manufacturer of consumer products, in international bodies and frameworks of organizations that exchange information about dangerous products


Israel’s membership in the World Trade Organization

​In 1995 Israel joined the WTO as a member country and undertook:

  • To adapt its national standardization to internationally accepted standardization
  • To transparency in technical legislation in general and in standardization in particular
  • To equal enforcement with regard to imports and local manufacturing
  • To operate a WTO-TBT Enquiry Point (national information center). The Enquiry Point has operated since 2002 and serves as the liaison point between the State of Israel, the WTO and WTO member countries



Israel’s membership in the OECD

​In 2010 Israel joined the exclusive club of the 30 leading countries in the world. The membership requires Israel to implement, among other things, the 6 OECD recommendations regarding dangerous products.
The Standardization Administration is an active member of the OECD and of the Working Group for Consumer Product Safety and an active participant in establishing an international portal for dangerous products, "Globalrecalls":


Recognition of test certificates of laboratories abroad

​In 2012 Israel signed two mutual recognition agreements (MRA), with the United States and Canada, regarding tests of conformity to standards and other technical regulations for telecommunication products. The significance of these agreements is international recognition of the level of Israeli standardization and easier export of Israeli telecommunication products to the North American market. In other words, recognition of the standardization and laboratory system in Israel as equal to that of the USA and Canada with respect to telecommunication products.

In general, a MRA for conformity of products to local requirements is an agreement between two or more parties, which states that the test and standardization processes of each of the parties are accepted by the other party. In other words, the MRA with the two countries in North America requires the parties to recognize the test results and documentation of the approving entities in the countries for the purpose of import processing of telecommunication products.

In accordance with the two said agreements, an Israeli product examined in Israel in a laboratory recognized in the agreement, according to the regulation requirements in one of the countries, will not be required to undergo a renewed test in that country.

Mutual Recognition Agreement between Israel and the United States for telecommunications equipment (English)

Mutual Recognition Agreement between Israel and the United States for telecommunications equipment (Hebrew)  
In 2014, Annex I of the agreement was modified with respect to the list of technical regulations in Israel regarding telecommunications equipment.

The Commissioner of Standardization published an announcement to laboratories in Israel regarding submission of requests for laboratory approval as part of the said agreement that contained a list of requirements and contact information with entities involved in the approval and recognition process. 
In accordance with the requirements of the MRA with the United States, Annex IV of the agreement was published, listing laboratories in the United States recognized by Israel for the purpose of conformity testing of telecommunications equipment.


International activity regarding international product safety

​In 2005 a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The MOU enables Israel to receive ongoing information about every product removed from the shelves in the US and about every shipment of defective products expelled from the US and on its way to Israel.
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