Standard Mark Requirement

 Standard Mark Requirement


Standard mark

A standard mark is a symbol with which manufacturers are permitted to mark their products after receiving a permit from the Permit Committee. The permit is granted after the SII has verified that the product meets the requirements of the standards that apply to the product, and its production is overseen by the SII. The policy of the standard mark organization is set by the Standard Mark Administration which is a public administration comprised of 13 members and headed by the Commissioner of Standardization.


Mandatory standard mark

Manufacturers interested in marking their products with a standard mark usually do so of their own volition. Notwithstanding, there are several products for which the standards that apply to them are Mandatory Standards particularly related to public safety and public health. For these cases the Minister of Economy and Industry has published the Standards Order (Prohibition to Manufacture Commodities) and its amendments which state that “an individual shall not assemble, manufacture, hold in order to sell, and shall not sell a commodity from among the commodities specified hereunder, unless a permit was granted him by the SII to mark it with a Standard Mark and it was marked according to this permit”.


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