WTO-TBT Enquiry Point

 WTO-TBT Enquiry Point


​The WTO-TBT enquiry point has been operated by the Standardization Administration since 2002. The enquiry point serves as a liaison between the State of Israel and the WTO regarding the transfer of information about technical regulations within the framework of the TBT agreement (technical barriers to international trade). As part of this agreement the signatory countries are required to act to:

  • Promote free trade without barriers or tariffs
  • Ensure transparency in establishing technical requirements
  • Align themselves with international standardization
  • Provide information about technical requirements and approvals applicable to products


Activities of the Enquiry Point

The enquiry point performs the following activities:

  • Sends notifications to the WTO secretariat in Geneva regarding changes in Israel's binding technical requirements that may constitute a non-tariff barrier (NBT). The notifications inform of changes as follows: proclaiming a standard as a mandatory standard, revoking official standard status, replacing a mandatory standard or publishing an amendment to a mandatory standard.
  • Responds to individual inquiries received from WTO member countries, official queries other member countries or from foreign manufacturers/ exporters regarding technical requirements in Israel.
  • Handles notifications from the WTO secretariat regarding binding technical requirements of foreign countries that may constitute a barrier for Israeli exporters, including receipt of notifications and their distribution to organizations of industries and industrialists, manufacturers, exporters and government offices.
  • Receipt of the reservations of government offices and Israeli exporters and formulation of comments in preparation for sending them to the WTO Secretariat and to the relevant country.
  • Provision of information to Israeli exporters that contact the Enquiry Point regarding binding technical requirements in a target country of Israeli exporters.


Services to exporters

  • ​Request information about technical requirements and conformity assessment procedures abroad.
  • Joining the Enquiry Point's mailing list according to fields of interest 


Contacting the WTO-TBT Enquiry Point

​The WTO-TBT Enquiry Point, Standardization Administration, Office of the Commissioner of Standardization 

Address: Ministry of Economy and Industry, 86 Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-7347501
Fax: 03-7347641

Naftaly Friedgut, WTO-TBT external advisor – email: NaftalyF@economy.gov.il  
Yael Friedgut, WTO-TBT external advisor – email: YaelF@economy.gov.il  


Receipt of information about technical requirements and approvals abroad

​This service enables exporters to submit a request to receive information about technical requirements and approvals required abroad.

The service is provided by Israel's WTO-TBT Enquiry Point, which operates within the Standardization Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

To enable us to provide improved service, please fill in the request form and send it by email to yael.friedgut@economy.gov.il.

Request response time
Each request is reviewed on its own merits and the response time depends on the nature of the request and the extent of the involvement of additional (mainly technical) entities that may be needed to assist in supplying the required information.

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