Defining a profile for receipt of notifications about changes in technical requirements

 Defining a profile for receipt of notifications about changes in technical requirements


​This service enables exporters to define a profile in order to receive notifications regarding expected changes in technical requirements of products, as published on the official WTO website.

Notifications are published in three official languages – English, French and Spanish. Notwithstanding, the subject of the notifications sent is forwarded from the Enquiry Point with a Hebrew translation.

The published notifications indicate technical changes that have not entered into effect yet. Every comment/response/reservation may impact acceptance of the changes in the originating country and may create a delay in the official publication of the regulations.

After receipt of a notification it is possible to request its full text for a greater in-depth review, allowing the Government of Israel response, including reservations. Receipt of the full text of the regulation in the original language depends on the speed with which member countries provide answers. Upon receipt of the answers the Enquiry Point immediately forwards the material to interested parties.


Forms, approvals and documents

​Please fill in the request form, in which you will define your profile (field of interests and destination countries).
After receipt of your profile, pertinent notifications will be sent to you electronically on a regular basis.

Form for exporter to define profile

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