Q&A for Online Form

 Q&A for Online Form


What is ERM?

ERM is an acronym for Exporters Request Management system.
This is the referral system operated currently by the Foreign Trade Administration in the Israeli Ministry of Economy. It aims to improve and optimize the service provided to exporters using the services of Israel's trade attachés around the world.

Why should I use the online form to contact the trade attaché?

The online form is designed to assist trade attachés in providing optimal services to exporters and cut down the response time to requests. The form includes initial information the exporter must deliver in order to allow attachés to begin processing a request.
Through the referrals management system, Israel's Foreign Trade Administration can also monitor requests received and assess the quality and professionalism of the services provided to exporters as well as the time it takes to generate a response.

What is the toolbar and how do I use it?

The toolbar is add-on software from the National Forms Service which must be installed in order to fill out various online forms, required when contacting government offices. The sidebar allows various actions:
  • Saving forms for your own personal records, or for future use as a template for transferring further inquiries.
  • Printing files.
  • Uploading saved files.

How to install the toolbar?


Do I need to re-install the toolbar every time I turn to an attaché?

No. This is a one-time installation suitable for all government ministries. In fact, you need to install the toolbar only the first time you download an online form from government ministries in Israel. Thus, if you applied previously in a similar way to other governmental bodies, such as the Israeli Ministry of the Interior or Israel Tax Authority, it is very likely that you already have the toolbar or you will only need to upgrade the existing software with no need to reinstall. Those who have installed the toolbar for the first time will not have to download it again even if they turn to other government offices.

Why can't I download the form?

This is a problem that often arises in company computers connected to a network. In this case, it is necessary that your computer will be logged on as an administrator so you can download the online form. Other companies sometimes completely block this possibility for reasons of information security.
In case of problems, we recommend that you consult your network administrator or corporate IT unit and also the Tehila technical assistance center. Phone: 1-800-200-560 and email: Support@tehila.gov.il, Service times: Sunday to Thursday 08:00-22:00.

System Requirements to download the form:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or higher.
  • Possibility of installing plug-ins (add-ons) on your browser.

How do I get technical support to complete the application form?

If you have a problem filling the form or wish to receive assistance and explanations of the information you need to fill in the forms, you can turn to: export@economy.gov.il.  

Is there a limit on the number of requests that can be sent?

Yes. It is forbidden to contact more than 5 attachés each month and you cannot turn to the same mission twice in the same month.

This restriction is intended primarily to allow exporters to exhaust the processes available for a destination country. In our experience, exporters trying to get through more than a few countries at the same time find it difficult to successfully leverage the information conveyed to them.
Due to the fact that all trade missions receive dozens to hundreds of requests per week, the restrictions are also intended to allow us to improve the quality of our service to all applicants and to cut down on response time.

How can I check the status of my request?

After sending the request, an email will be received which includes your reference number and a commitment to get back to you with an answer within 7-14 working days. Intricate and complex cases may take longer, but you will be informed if any such delays are to be expected.
Also, you can check the status of request processing by clicking Statusnet in the referral section of the ministry's website..

What services can be requested by using the form?

You can use all of the services provided by the trade missions. Services listed in the trade attachés' mission statement that can be found here.

Do I need to fill out the form every time I send a request?

In order to get an appropriate response, it is very important to make sure to update any request for specific information relating to the target country, mainly in the third part of the form: "Request Specifications." However, you can save the form in order to reload unchanging information such as company name, contact details and more.
You should keep the form to save rewriting these details in the following cases:
  • You started to fill out the form but found out that you do not have all the necessary information available at present.
  • You intend to submit an application on behalf of the same company/client to several trade missions.
  • You believe you may want to contact a specific mission again in the future.

In order to submit the form, click the save button , appearing in the toolbar at the top as seen in the screenshot-

Clicking this button will open a save window:

Note the location where you save the file, or select a known location on a computer, for example on the desktop, as shown in the screenshot.

Then, click on "Save." This will create a file named ftadmin@moital.gov.il_save.htmin the location chosen (unless you manually changed the file name). The file will look like this:

You can now open the file whenever you wish, modify the details as necessary, select the mission you want to contact  and submit the form.
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