The Israeli Economy at a Glance - 2008

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The Israeli Economy at a Glance - 2008

9/30/2008 10:00 PM
Research & Economics Adminstration, Foreign Trade Administration

לצפייה בפרסום

​The Israeli Economy at a Glance, as the title suggests, provides the reader with an overall picture of the Israeli economy in graphic, tabular and textual form.

The continued widespread demand for this publication has encouraged us to keep amendments to a minimum, aside from the annual statistical updates.

  Essentially the publication is divided into three main sections:

  •  Basic macro-economic data, foreign trade statistics and international comparisons portrayed in graphical form. 
  • Tables of data, particularly major economic and  industrial indicators, enabling a quick look at recent trends and developments in the growth of the local Israeli economy. 
  • Selected economic policy and industrial policy reviews, enabling a brief understanding of macro-economic policy in general and the Ministry’s contribution in particular.


Furthermore, the reader will find a comprehensive list of world-wide contacts appended to the main publication



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