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 Research and Development at the Ministry of Economy

The Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy works to promote research and development in Israel and to achieve economic objectives through these activities.
The mission of the Chief Scientist is to ensure economic prosperity via technological innovation.
The Chief Scientist's Office focuses on enhancing research and development in the Israeli industry, increasing the economic value of Israel's industries for the overall market, promote exports, create job opportunities, and preserve Israel's status at the cutting-edge of worldwide innovation.

Key programs run by the Chief Scientist's Office:


  • R&D Fund – The Chief Scientist's key facilitation program to help budding and mature companies develop processes of converting theoretic knowledge into a functional product.
  • Magnet Tracks – Supporting generic R&D that is still far from practical implementation in the market and forming bonds between the academia and the industry that will ultimately produce products based on advanced knowledge and technology.
  • The Tnufa program – Promoting technological entrepreneurship at the pre-research and development stage. Providing support in the wide range of activities required of entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps towards developing a new technological initiative before industrial production becomes feasible.
  • The Incubator Program – Encouraging technological innovation by creating a system that will provide entrepreneurs with a comfortable and convenient incubator in which they can conduct the research, development and organization that is necessary for transforming a technology-based idea into a commercial product.
  • International programs – these programs were established in order to help Israeli companies form strategic links with companies abroad in order to develop their competitive capabilities and their ability to penetrate international markets.


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